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Keywords: Family support, spirituality, quality of life


Cervical cancer is a malignant disease. The majority of cervical cancer patients have a low quality of life due to their disease. Family support and spiritual level are very important to improve the quality of life of cervical cancer patients. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between family support and spiritual level on the quality of life of cervical cancer patients in A.W. Sjahranie Hospitals. This study uses a Cross Sectional approach. Total cervical cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy at A.W. Sjahranie on July until December 2021 as many as 162 patients. The technique sampling in this study was purposive sampling with a total sample of 115 people. Somer's D test obtained an r value (correlation coefficient) of 0.996, meaning that it has a very strong or perfect relationship. Meanwhile, the significance of ρvalue 0.036 < 0.05 (ρ<α). There is a relationship between family support and spiritual level on quality of life of cervical cancer patients in A.W. Sjahranie Hospitals.


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